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Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, with a unique number assigned to it, that is placed on your computer when you visit websites to enable certain features such as basic website navigation, targeted advertising, etc. They usually do not collect personal data, i.e. information which can be directly related to you as an individual, but some cookies collect information which uniquely identifies your browser and internet device.

There are different types of cookies, including:

  • Session cookies: which are temporarily stored on your computer when you visit our websites. They are automatically removed as soon as you close your browser.
  • Permanent cookies: which are stored on your computer for a certain time until they are deleted by you or the server that sent them. These cookies are also known as ‘persistent cookies’.
  • First party cookies: which are placed on your computer by Lantmännen ek för and our Group companies (“Lantmännen” or “we”) when you visit our websites.
  • Third party cookies: which are placed on your computer by external parties to facilitate advertising, tailored content and web-statistics in connection to you browsing on Lantmännen’s websites (note that third-party cookies on our website are covered by each third-party’s privacy policy respectively for which Lantmännen is not responsible).

Why does Lantmännen use cookies?

We use cookies and pixel tags on our websites to enable basic functionality and navigation as well as to identify trends and obtain aggregate statistics about website visits and traffic so that we can develop and optimize our websites. We also use cookies to provide relevant content and advertising to you as well as to evaluate our advertising campaigns. You may read more about our use of cookies and how to avoid them in our Cookie Settings (link available in the footer of this page). You may also read specifically about our use of cookies to target content to you below.

How does Lantmännen target content to you?

We use external platforms to communicate digitally, including for example Facebook, LinkedIn, Episerver, Doubleclick, Google and Vimeo. This means our websites include both first-party and third-party cookies, i.e. cookies placed there either by us or by external parties, to target content to you. We use the information in these cookies to:

  • provide you with content and ads that may interest you based on, for example, what parts of our websites you have visited, what you have clicked on, etc.
  • imbed content and sharing/like tools from social networks

This means that when you consent to targeting cookies in our Cookie Settings (link available in the footer of this page), you may come across ads from Lantmännen targeted specifically towards you based on how you have moved around on our websites, in places where we have purchased ad-space. Note that third-party cookies on our websites collect data directly from your web browser and the processing of this data is covered by each third-party’s privacy policy respectively.

Our websites may also include a Facebook pixel, i.e. a code imbedded on our sites, which works by placing and triggering targeting cookies, like those described above, to track you when you interact with our websites or our ads on Facebook (you may manage your consent to targeting cookies in our Cookie Settings, linked in the footer of this page). Information collected via these cookies is used by the Facebook pixel to analyze website movements and behavior across devices and browsing sessions, unlike stand-alone cookies, which are only able to collect information for a single device/browsing session at a time. This allows us to:

  • See how you move between devices when accessing our websites and Facebook
  • Ensure that our ads are shown to persons most likely to be interested in such ads, e.g. to persons who have already visited a certain web page or clicked in a certain place
  • Measure the results of our adverts and better understand their effects
  • Optimize and build aggregated audiences (through Facebook Custom Audiences) to which future ads may be targeted

When may we come to share your cookies?

Lantmännen may share your cookie information with external parties who help us with our marketing (for example, advertising agencies that carry out campaigns on our behalf). We always enter into agreements with such parties to ensure that the information is handled in a secure way, also when transferred outside the EU/EEA. Read more about this in our Privacy Policy (link available in the footer of this page). Your information will not be used for any other purposes than what they have been collected for (as described above).

How to avoid cookies

You may change the settings on your device or browser to, for example, block the use of all cookies, accept only first-party cookies, or to have cookies automatically deleted when you close your browser. Go to your browser/device settings for more information on how to manage the use of cookies. Note, however, that blocking the use of all cookies may affect the functionality of any website you visit.

You can manage your consent to Lantmännen’s use of cookies in our Cookie Settings (link available in the footer of this page).

More information

If you have any questions or concerns about how Lantmännen handles cookies, please contact us via You may also read our Privacy Policy (link available in the footer of this page) for more information about how we process your personal data, as well as your rights in connection to this.

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